HoneyGuides - A Business Inspired by Nature
In Africa, for untold centuries, the Honey Guide bird and man have enjoyed a special relationship. The Honey Guide has a fondness for bees wax and grubs, but is unable to penetrate a beehive’s defenses on its own, so it has developed an intriguing way to gain access to its favourite food.

Over time, the Honey Guide monitors the movements of bees in its territory and memorises the location of their hives. It then seeks out a prospective honey gatherer (this may be a person or a Honey Badger) and enthusiastically leads them to a hive.

When the honey gatherer breaks open the hive to extract the honeycombs, the Honey Guide is rewarded with some tasty grubs and wax.

Inspired by this wonderful symbiotic relationship, we view ourselves as the Honey Guides of the business world, with our clients the gatherers of human capital and talented people the honey.

We aim to achieve similar deep rooted and understanding relationships with our clients which flourish on the shared value we create.

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"What an old man can see while seated, a young man cannot see standing."
An African Proverb